Advisory Services

Access free one-on-one support from our expert business advisors

Our mission goes beyond just providing loans. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your business can access the advice and support needed to grow. With business advisory services from Excelsior Growth Fund, you’ll get the support you need, when you need it, from an expert dedicated to your success.

Get free one-on-one support in the following areas:


Credit evaluation and repair – Our professionals will help you understand your personal and business credit and identify opportunities to improve it. Receive a customized credit action plan to get your credit score to where it needs to be to meet your business financing goals.

Financial management- Learn how to manage your business finances and establish positive cash flow with the help of our team. Establish business bookkeeping best practices and avoid costly pitfalls before they happen to you. 

Financial statement preparation- Learn how to collect and publish key business financial statements including the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Loan readiness- Get your business ready for financing! Our experts will walk you through financing options and what lenders look for. You’ll learn how to present your business to lenders to increase your chances of receiving a small business loan.  

IT systems- Learn how to develop a network and technology infrastructure best suited to drive your company’s growth. EGF can lead your business towards the technology it needs.

Human resources- We understand that with growth comes new challenges and opportunities in building a workplace that drives employee retention and business growth. Learn how to set up the best human resources infrastructure for your business.

Web development and e-commerce- Get started in digital marketing or start selling your goods online. Excelsior Growth Fund can help your small business stand out with a web presence that meets your business goals.

And more- contact us to discover all the possibilities EGF can offer you.

Small Business help from professionals