EGF Advisor Top Picks: Business and Personal Credit Resources

EGF Advisor Top Picks: Business and Personal Credit Resources

Finding the best advice for your business takes time, but the business advisory team at EGF has you covered! Our advisors have scoured the web and assembled a list of go-to resources for business and personal credit. Have additional questions? Contact us to schedule a free one-on-one business consultation today.

Credit evaluates your ability to repay debts. A strong credit history is the most valuable asset a small business owner has. Establishing good credit will allow you to access the financing resources you need to start and grow. That’s why it’s critical to understand what credit is, and how to build the strongest credit history you can.

What is Business Credit?

By building business credit for your small business you can protect your personal assets, and increase your borrowing capacity. Learn how building business credit can impact your finances, mitigate risk and grow your business.

Five Steps to Understanding Business Credit - Bank of America 

The Basics of Business Credit - Experian 

What Does my Business Credit Score Mean?- QuickBooks 

How Do You Build Business Credit?

Did you know that public records, legal filings are things that can affect your business credit score? Browse these tips for establishing strong business credit through responsible borrowing and good financial management. 

5 Ways to Build Business Credit - Entrepreneur 

How to Build Business Credit for your Start-up - SBA 

Tips for Improving Your Credit Score/History

One of the most important items on your credit report is your payment history. Paying bills on time is one way to earn a higher credit score. Learn the attributes that are key to a solid business credit profile. If your credit score is not where you need it to be, utilize these resources to improve moving forward. Learn tips to enact tighter scheduling for improved credit consistency in your business.

How to Manage Different Balances on One Card - 

 How to Access Your Credit Report for Free

Businesses owners should be checking their credit score each year to be aware of its contents and ensure accuracy. With so many options for online credit reporting it can be difficult to know which are trustworthy. We have the resources to help you safely check your credit score online for free. 

5 Reasons to Get a Free Credit Report –EGF


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