EGF Advisor Top Picks: Financial Management Resources

26 Jul
EGF Advisor Top Picks: Financial Management Resources

Finding the best advice for your business takes time, but the business advisory team at EGF has you covered! Our advisors have scoured the web and assembled a list of go-to resources for financial management. Have additional questions? Contact us to schedule a free one-on-one business consultation today.

Managing finances is fundamental to the success of your small business. Gaining a better understanding of small business bookkeeping and financial management will allow your business to grow. We’ve collected a trusted list of tools help you become familiar with financial management best practices and to run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible.

What is Bookkeeping? 

Bookkeeping involves maintaining records of every financial transition of the business. Not only are these records vital for accounting purposes, but they are also needed when filing taxes. These articles offer an overview of bookkeeping fundamentals, as well as advice for improving your bookkeeping procedures.

Top 10 Bookkeeping Mistakes Made by Small Businesses - All Business 

Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business- SBA 

Best Practices for Financial Management 

Efficient cash flow management is essential to the success of your business. These tools offer practical solutions to help you manage and expand your business without taking unnecessary financial risks. Becoming familiar with bookkeeping, financial planning, and cash flow forecasting can bring you one step closer to running a stable, successful, and financially responsible business. 

How to Manage your Finances and Cash Flow - Xero 

Managing Business Finances and Cash Flow - SBA  


When starting a business, creating a budget can be a challenging task. With a variety of upfront expenses, it can be hard to break even as a small business owner. Proper budgeting practices will help you understand what you will need to cover expenses, stay profitable, and expand your business over time. Learn how to establish a budget and prepare your taxes the right way.

 Building a Budget for Your Small Business – H & R Block 


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