The Small Business Banker’s Guide to Alternative Financing

The Small Business Banker’s Guide to Alternative Financing

When your clients need financing to grow their businesses, they turn to you to help them find the product that will best fit their needs. For those that don’t qualify for a bank loan, alternative financing may be a good solution.

To help you better navigate the alternative lending landscape and find the best financing options for your clients, we’re sharing our recently updated guide to alternative financing. This guide highlights several alternative financing options available to small business owners that don’t qualify for traditional financing, including specific options offered by EGF and its affiliates NYBDC and The 504 Company.

In The Small Business Banker’s Guide to Alternative Financing, you’ll find:

  • Information on Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, online loans, and microloans
  • An overview of alternative options provided by Excelsior Growth Fund and affiliates, including updated information on EGF’s special, reduced interest rate loan programs
  • Information on how to refer a small business owner to us for financing

Share this guide with your small business clients and help keep the door open with them for the future.

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