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Finding the best advice for your business takes time, but the business advisory team at EGF has you covered! Our advisors have scoured the web and assembled a list of go-to resources for business and personal credit. Have additional questions? Contact us to schedule a free one-on-one business consultation today.

Marketing is vital to bring in well informed customers. A strong marketing plan can increase a small business owner’s reach in a noisy market. It isn’t easy for a small business to stand out in the crowd. We’ve compiled these resources to help your small business build strong marketing strategies and gain visibility.

Marketing 101

The Small Business Administration is a fantastic resource for small business marketing – from the initial Plan to more detailed strategy. These resouces are a great starting place to preparing your business for a strong marketing plan.

Marketing & Sales Plans - SBA

Marketing 101 – SBA 

Marketing 201– SBA 

Marketing Plan Development

Do you know the key elements that make up a marketing plan? Setting up a plan can make the difference in achieving your business goals. The importance of your business visibility through marketing cannot be overlooked.

Amplify your marketing plan - Entrepreneur

Effective Marketing Plan- Business News Daily

Plans, Strategies and Mix – SCORE

Calculating a Marketing Budget

Once you’ve set marketing goals, it is important to factor in your finances. Learn tips and tricks to minimize costs and maximize benefits in your small business’ marketing campaigns.

4 Elements to Build a Marketing Budget – About Money

Setting a marketing budget that fits your business goals - SBA BLOG

Marketing budget tips – Entreprenuer

Brand Building on a Budget – SBA

Market Research

With effective market research you can plan for the needs of your target market, and the potential for growth in your small business. We hope these resources simplify your search for data.

Market Research 101– Marketing Donut

Market Research Basics – Entrepreneur

Affordable Market Research – Inc.

The Difference Between Primary and Secondary Research – All Business

Establishing a Target Market

A solid marketing plan requires a specific target market. How do you decide who to target and how to communicate your message? These resources will help guide your small business’ best target market.

Understanding Your Market – SBA

Target Market Strategy Guide– Inc.

Knowing Your Audience– Search Engine Journal

Word of Mouth Marketing

Your customers can be a huge asset to your marketing campaign. With increasing access to reviews online, your business will need some positive referrals.

Referral Marketing 101 – Shopify

Referrals: The Fast and Easy Way to Market Your Business – SBA

Word of Mouth Marketing – Wordstream


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