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Strategies for accounts receivables

While many businesses exchange products and services for payment at the point of purchase, there are many businesses that put in the work to create or provide a service and provide credit to the customer for payment. For example, a freelancer may produce work for a client throughout the month, and then submit at an invoice for that work at the end of the month. When you do business with a customer, you expect to be paid for your labor, product and/or services. But, what happens when those [...]

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Marketing on a Budget: Low-Cost, High-Impact Tips

Whether your business is just about to launch or going through a period of expansion, marketing is vital to its growth and sustainability. And if you think marketing means expensive advertising, you’ll be glad to know that there are terrific opportunities to reach customers that will boost your business’s bottom line while going easy on the budget. All it takes to create a successful marketing plan is knowing your customer, strategic thinking, creativity and consistency. With a [...]

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5 SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Business’s Website

This guest post was written by CanDace Johnson, digital marketing expert and EGF Consulting Corps member. It’s no secret that Google is the biggest search engine site in the world. It’s also one of the biggest opportunities to direct new traffic and potential buyers to your business’s site. But to seize that opportunity, you need to make sure that your website follows a few guidelines so that Google and other search engines can find you. These guidelines are formally called [...]

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What to Consider Before Your Business Goes Cashless

As a business owner, you’re continuously look for ways to lower costs, optimize profits and improve services for your customers. One recent idea that many businesses are thinking about is whether or not it makes sense for their business to go cashless. What does it mean to go “cashless”? In the simplest sense, going “cashless” is just as it sounds: Customers are prohibited from using cash as a method of payment. Proponents of the cashless movement cite advantages [...]

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5 key financial documents all business owners need

When entrepreneurs launch their businesses, much of their time and energy are focused on day-to-day outward-facing operations like customer service, sales and inventory management. What’s equally important to long-term growth and success, though, is to have a thorough understanding of your business’s financials. In this article, we look at the five most important financials that business owners need to create, understand and use to track and drive growth. When these financial [...]

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