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The Importance of Protecting Your Brand, Advice for Business Owners

The Importance of Brand Protection for Small Businesses This article was written by Nupur Shah of Nupur Shah Law, P.C. Business owners are constantly faced with challenges. One of the first challenges is to find a name for a business or brand –one that is not already in use by another business owner. Now, you may argue that this is the easiest part of a business. But more often than not, business owners run into legal trouble because they were not diligent enough in their search or [...]

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How to Budget for New Employees, Excelsior Growth Fund

How to Budget for New Employees in Five Simple Steps Although some small businesses launch with a single worker – the owner – many quickly outgrow this stage and others, like some retail shops and restaurants, require additional employees from the start. Given this, most small business owners eventually face the challenge of how to budget for new employees.  Employees can be both a critical necessity and a major expense. To help you make the most of this investment, Excelsior [...]

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The Best Sources of Working Capital for Your Small Business, Excelsior Growth Fund

Does your small business have access to the best sources of working capital? Find out here.

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EGF Tax Advice and Planning for Small Businesses

We spoke with Daniel Koscielny, a CPA and partner at The Bonadio Group, to discuss why your small business should start planning for taxes NOW.

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Small Business Finances, Small Business Accounting, Small Business Financial Tips, Accounting Tips for your Small Business

Learn about these key accounting principles and you'll be able to manage your small business more effectively.

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