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Outsourcing Elements of Your Business

Nearly every small business owner reaches a point where they realize more help is needed. Determining what kinds of roles need to be filled, when to fill them and how to do so are among the most significant decisions that business owners make, in large part because  hiring and training new employees can be costly and time-consuming. For many small businesses, it makes sense to outsource certain parts of their operations. In this article, Excelsior Growth Fund’s Business Advisory [...]

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Finding Your Niche

In recent years, the marketplace has shifted from “one-size fits all” products and services to more customized and unique offerings. Unlike many large companies that target the masses, these niche businesses cater to highly defined customer markets that often go over-looked by their large competitors. Though niche businesses can be extremely profitable, many entrepreneurs often question if it’s worth pursuing a business that appeals to such a specialized and precise target [...]

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Advice From Family Run Businesses

Family-run businesses are in a unique position: they must navigate common business challenges alongside challenges from close, personal relationships. It takes a strong bond to successfully grow a business with a spouse or family member, and the lessons learned along the way can benefit any business owner. Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) is proud to have worked with several family-run businesses that have grown by playing off one another’s strengths. Two couples in particular have found [...]

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Refinance Small Business Debt

Eventually, there comes a time when small business owners set their sights on growth and expansion. Doing so often requires more capital, and many small business owners consider replacing their existing business debt with a new, more affordable loan. This process is called refinancing and can be a critical step to grow your business. When done correctly, refinancing your business debt can lower your monthly payments, APR, and interest payments, improve your overall credit score, and most [...]

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