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Strategies to Support Your Growing Small Business

This is the second article in a two-part series on bookkeeping. Be sure to read part I on Building a Strong Foundation for your bookkeeping. Once your business is up-and-running and you’ve mastered basic bookkeeping concepts, you’re ready to take your understanding to the next level. Our Business Advisory Services team has compiled a few bookkeeping practices that will support your growing business. With these tips, you’ll be ready to: Leverage technology to integrate and [...]

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Women Small Business Owners Share Their Stories

One of the most important resources women have to excel in small business is each other. Through mentorship and advocacy, successful women entrepreneurs can support and encourage the careers of other women pursuing their own business. There is overwhelming evidence that mentorship improves women’s leadership opportunities, yet almost half the women entrepreneurs in a study by the Kauffman Foundation stated that a lack of available mentors was a major challenge for them in starting their [...]

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Small Business Bookkeeping

This is the first article in a two-part series on bookkeeping. Part II will provide information on taking your bookkeeping to the next level and will be published on March 30 . Great bookkeeping habits help you make smarter business decisions, spot opportunities early on and head off problems before they become unmanageable. Good bookkeeping practices also ensure that you’re on top of issues like tax and insurance payments that can get otherwise great businesses into trouble. If [...]

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Accessing Capital

One of the greatest challenges for any small business owner is finding the funds necessary to adequately capitalize your business and its growth. Finding the right kind of capital in today’s market can be confusing and time-consuming. Before you begin your search, there’s some homework you need to do. Whether you apply for a credit line with a bank, an SBA loan through a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) or decide to go with an online lender, it is important to be [...]

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How to Improve Your Working Capital

Business success takes planning, coaching, commitment and access to resources, and one of the most important resources for small businesses is adequate working capital. In this article, we take a look at what working capital is, why it’s so critical, how much you need and how to access it. What is working capital and how is it different from other capital? In a nutshell, working capital is your company’s current assets minus its current (short-term) liabilities. Current assets [...]

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