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The Small Business Banker’s Guide to Alternative Financing

When your clients need financing to grow their businesses, they turn to you to help them find the product that will best fit their needs. For those that don’t qualify for a bank loan, alternative financing may be a good solution. To help you better navigate the alternative lending landscape and find the best financing options for your clients, we’re sharing our recently updated guide to alternative financing. This guide highlights several alternative financing options available [...]

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Business Risk Profile

Many small business owners understand the basics of small business loans. When it comes to borrowing, your business’s risk profile is another factor that lenders look at and it can have a significant impact on loan approvals. In this article, we explain what a business risk profile is, why it matters and share tips to help you improve yours. What is a business risk profile?  Simply put, a business risk is any short- or long-term factor that represents a direct or indirect challenge [...]

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