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Getting Ready for Your Busy Season? One Nature's Bryan Quinn Shares Insight for Success

As summer approaches, warm weather seasonal businesses are getting ready for a strong start to their busiest time of the year. We talked to Bryan Quinn, owner of One Nature LLC, a landscape and environmental consulting company and a certified B-Corporation, to get his perspective on the keys to building and maintaining success with seasonal and cyclical businesses. With his Beacon, NY-based business growing by at least 50% year-over-year for the last five years, Bryan has learned valuable [...]

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Common Lending Terminology to Understand Before Applying for a Loan

Applying for a loan is one of the most important steps that you’ll take as a small business owner. To give yourself the best odds of approval, it’s important to thoroughly prepare for the process. An easy step that’s often overlooked is to become familiar with the terminology that lenders commonly use. Speaking the same language as your lender demonstrates that you understand the process and your responsibilities, increasing your lender’s confidence in you. This can also [...]

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Raising a Family While Growing a Business

While all small business owners understand the demands of launching and managing a business, many also face the balancing act of growing a business while raising a family. With constant demands on time, finances and attention, it’s inspiring to hear how small business owners that are also parents make it work. That’s why we talked to Avani Agarwal, co-founder and partner of Stature, an online boutique specializing in garments for women with smaller frames. Avani and her business [...]

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Resources and small business loans for women

Starting and running a new business is exciting and offers an opportunity for creative and financial freedom. Though everyone’s entrepreneurship journey is different, many female business owners face obstacles when seeking the right kind of small business funding and resources for their business. We’re committed to helping women-owned small businesses by providing access to resources, ideas and small business loans for women to position them for success. Below are a few of our top [...]

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Employee hiring and retention

Eventually, most small business owners face the challenge of hiring and retaining employees—and it’s often a time-consuming and stressful process. Holly Nowak, President and Lead HR Developer of HMN Resources, LLC, is a small business owner and human resources professional with more than 20 years of experience. Her work covers areas like recruiting, retention, team effectiveness, organizational communications and compliance. When our Business Advisory Services team asked for [...]

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