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Business financial management software

Having organized, digital financial documents is important for many reasons. By using software for invoices and bill payments, you’ll make your life as a small business owner much easier, as well as for your bookkeepers and accountants. These software programs can help you track business income and expenses, and also help you get invoices out in a timely way, follow-up on accounts receivable and pay pending bills on time. They can also help you easily pull up-to-date financial reports that [...]

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QuickBooks Webinar Series

QuickBooks is a great tool to ensure your business’s finances are managed properly to lead your company to financial stability. Our two-part webinar series reviews everything you need to know about QuickBooks. From getting started to generating and reviewing reports, we’ll help you better understand how to use this resource to positively impact your business’s financial health.  In this webinar you will learn: How to navigate QuickBooks and view reports How to [...]

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Common Financial Challenges

While many entrepreneurs thrive on driving business dreams toward success, financial challenges can drain the energy from even the most committed business owners. The good news is that with some planning, attention and advice, the most common financial challenges won’t be barriers to growth. In this article by Excelsior Growth Fund’s Business Advisory Services team, we look at five common growth-stage financial challenges and how to prepare for and overcome them. 1. Challenge: [...]

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How to improve your business credit score

You’re likely familiar with personal credit scores, which are based on criteria like the percentage of your available credit that you use, whether you make timely payments and the types of credit lines that you carry. But did you know there are also business credit scores? What is a business credit score? Much like personal credit scores, business credit scores measure the creditworthiness of your business and are sometimes used to predict the likelihood that your business will default [...]

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Is franchising right for you?

Excellent business opportunities don’t come just from starting brand new companies—they often come from franchising existing companies. Is this the right path for you? In this article, business owner and franchising consultant Cheryl Lickfeld talks with Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) about the advantages and challenges of franchising. Cheryl’s the owner of Optimal CFO, a company that offers outsourced accounting and financial education. She’s also a franchise consultant to [...]

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