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7 Questions to Ask Potential Small Business Lenders

When looking for financing, most small business owners know that lenders will ask a lot of questions about their businesses. What they may not consider, though, is that they should also be asking lenders questions. Ideally, a lender will be an advocate for you and your business. To ensure you make the best decision, you’ll want to interview them. The answers you get will make the most of your valuable time and will point you in the right direction for your funding needs. Key questions [...]

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Beyond Salary: 5 Small Business Strategies for Retaining Employees on a Budget

Most employers think about long-term strategies like raising wages, paying for health benefits, or subsidizing a 401k when it comes to improving employee retention rates. While these are effective, there are other strategies that business owners can take on in the short-term to retain qualified workers. In this article, Pacific Community Ventures shares five low-cost strategies you can take to distinguish your business and improve retention rates without breaking the bank. 1. Offer Stable But [...]

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Understanding Liens: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

If you’re a small business owner who is considering applying for a loan, there are many things that you can do in advance to prepare. Understanding common lender concerns is essential, and an important consideration for lenders are liens. We’ve compiled a brief look at liens, including what they are, where they come from and how they can impact your small business. What is a lien? In the broadest sense, a lien is a legal claim against a party or entity’s property or assets. [...]

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Beyond Credit Scores: Additional Factors that Small Business Lenders Consider

While most small business owners know that personal credit scores are the primary factor that lenders consider for loans, many don’t realize that there are additional criteria that can influence lenders’ decisions. These can ultimately sway a decision one way or another, particularly for borrowers who may just meet or fall slightly short of lenders’ credit-score minimums. In this article, we look at several of the additional criteria that lenders may consider – knowing [...]

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