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small business benchmarks

A new year provides a renewed opportunity to build good habits for your small business. As January approaches and you set the direction for your business for the year ahead, now is the time to adopt some best financial practices to start the next year on the right course. There are a number of good habits that your small business can adopt to improve its financial health in 2018. It’s a good time to establish goals and to evaluate strategies to achieve those goals. To help you get [...]

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Small business tax reporting questions

A sound tax strategy is a vital component of any successful small business. Developing one for your business will require you to make numerous important decisions on how your taxes are reported. Taxpayers and their tax professionals work hard to develop strategies to minimize the tax obligation while staying in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. To help you navigate these decisions and better guide you as you work with your business’s tax professional, we’ve [...]

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running a small business

Small business owners need to have sound financial management training to keep their business running successfully.

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How to Build a Low Budget Public Relations Campaign for small business

In today’s “on demand” media culture, traditional media continues to be a critical component of any business’s marketing strategy. Television, radio, newspapers and various print publications hold the power to reach mass markets and can drastically increase your business’s visibility. These outlets also rank as the most-trusted formats for advertising, with 80% of media users trusting print ads above all else. However, that trust comes with a hefty price tag, and [...]

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How to Budget for New Employees, Excelsior Growth Fund

Although some small businesses launch with a single worker – the owner – many quickly outgrow this stage and others, like some retail shops and restaurants, require additional employees from the start. Given this, most small business owners eventually face the challenge of how to budget for new employees.  Employees can be both a critical necessity and a major expense. To help you make the most of this investment, Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) has put together five budget [...]

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