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Cash Flow: What It Is and Why It Rules Small Business Lending

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea for a product or service, an identified target market and a knockout startup marketing plan. Or, maybe you’ve been in business for a few years and you’ve gained the insight needed to leverage changes in your industry, gain competitive advantages and grow your business further. Even with these key areas checked off the small-business-success list, there are two significant things needed to bring your ideas to [...]

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Managing small business receivables and payables

Most entrepreneurs look at the cash coming in and cash coming out of their business to assess its stability and performance; however, cash in and cash out are only part of the picture. To effectively manage a company, we need to look at not only what’s happening now, but what’s on the horizon. Doing so requires an understanding of receivables and payables. Payables and Receivables: Payables (A/P) are bills for services that your company has already used or goods that your company [...]

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Small business expenses worth the investment

Small business owners are cautious about every dollar spent and rightly so: Cash management is one of the key differentiators between businesses that succeed and those that don’t. That’s why return-on-investment (ROI) is an important concept that all small business owners should embrace. With ROI, for every dollar you spend (your “investment”), you aim to get back a return that’s greater than your original investment. Sometimes, this is a direct, cash-for-cash [...]

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Small Business Bookkeeping

This is the first article in a two-part series on bookkeeping. Part II will provide information on taking your bookkeeping to the next level and will be published on March 30 . Great bookkeeping habits help you make smarter business decisions, spot opportunities early on and head off problems before they become unmanageable. Good bookkeeping practices also ensure that you’re on top of issues like tax and insurance payments that can get otherwise great businesses into trouble. If [...]

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How to Improve Your Working Capital

Business success takes planning, coaching, commitment and access to resources, and one of the most important resources for small businesses is adequate working capital. In this article, we take a look at what working capital is, why it’s so critical, how much you need and how to access it. What is working capital and how is it different from other capital? In a nutshell, working capital is your company’s current assets minus its current (short-term) liabilities. Current assets [...]

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