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What lenders want to see in your business plan

As a small business lender, Excelsior Growth Fund has “insider” knowledge about what lenders really look for in business plans. Ensuring that your plan includes the key points outlined in this article will help lenders better understand your business and your funding needs. Every business needs a plan. While they’re critical during the startup phase, they’re just as essential during growth periods to keep leadership focused. Down the road, your business plan can provide [...]

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Top 3 Benefits of Working with a CPA

Friday, February 16, 2018
Benefits of Working with a CPA

As a business owner, you know that financial management is critical to keeping a pulse on your business’s health. If you’ve hired a bookkeeper to assist with this, then you’re on your way to building a great financial management system. If you want to take it to the next level, it may be time to start searching for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). CPAs are accounting professionals with a special designation that is earned by passing a certification exam in addition to [...]

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Small business marketing plan

Opening a small business without marketing it is like throwing a party without sending invitations – if you don’t tell people about what you’re offering, they’ll never know to buy it. That’s why lenders expect marketing to be part of your overall business plan. We developed this step-by-step plan to introduce you to the marketing-related information that lenders want to see in your business plan, as well as how you can satisfy their concerns and requirements in [...]

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small business video marketing

Last week, I on boarded a new small business client for digital marketing services. They have great products and are well-positioned to tap into multiple markets; however, during our initial consultation the owner expressed great hesitation in using video campaigns to grow their business. As the owner stated, “we’ve spent thousands of dollars on professional videos that I hate. We sacrificed valuable time and resources to produce content that we can’t use or that has not [...]

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protecting small business data

In today’s technology-driven business environment, attacks on credit-based data and other personal information are becoming the norm. A leading credit-reporting agency, Equifax, was the target of a major information heist last summer. And just last week, we learned of two massive security flaws—Spectre and Meltdown—that affect nearly every computer in the world. If personal and financial data isn’t secure at large corporations, the risk is credible for small businesses as [...]

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