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Common business issues to overcome before submitting a loan application

In the small business world, one of the most common obstacles that business owners face is a lack of sufficient funding. This includes both the short-term capital needed for day-to-day operations like rent and salaries, as well as funds for things that help drive growth –such as increasing staff and inventory, adding new equipment, expanding locations, or marketing. Often, entrepreneurs pinch-hit with savings or personal credit cards, but there comes a time when nearly all business owners [...]

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Top Resources for Veteran Business Owners

At Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF), our Business Advisory Services team has helped veterans gain access to services and loans that help them build the businesses of their dreams. Through our experience, we also know that some of the major challenges veterans face are finding loans with good interest rates and repayment terms; finding ways to transition military skills to civilian life; and getting useful information needed to open, run and grow successful businesses. As National Veterans Small [...]

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Common small business financing mistakes

Having enough working capital on hand can be a challenge for a business at any stage. Whether you’re a start-up getting ready to launch, an existing business looking to expand, or a seasonal business managing cash flow, there may come a time when your business needs a boost to fund your day-to-day operations. Often, business owners assume that a line of credit is the correct type of financing to meet their working capital needs, but that may not be the case.  In this article, [...]

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True Cost of a Small Business Loan

Deciding on a lender for your small business can be overwhelming, especially considering the number of lenders that provide this type of financing. When evaluating your loan options, it’s important to be aware of all factors that go into calculating the true cost of taking on debt.  Many small business owners consider a loan’s interest rate to be the biggest selling point in how affordable a loan will be, but interest rates alone don’t tell the whole story. Looking at a [...]

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The Best Sources of Working Capital for Your Small Business, Excelsior Growth Fund

Does your small business have access to the best sources of working capital? Find out here.

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