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5 Small Business Marketing Tips for the Buying Holidays

Each year during the holiday buying season, we present actionable sales and marketing tips that small business owners use to increase sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty. These proven strategies build excitement around your business’s offerings and are ideal for any business that wants to boost their profile this holiday season. This year, our focus is on how to attract more customers and build sales with low-cost (often, free) marketing strategies. Our “Top 5” [...]

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From Pop-Up Shop to Brick-and-Mortar: Four Critical Questions for Your Small Business

The concept of the “pop-up shop” – opening a short-term storefront – presents small businesses with outstanding opportunities to test products on the market before committing to permanent locations. But if your pop-up shop does well, does that mean you’re ready to open a brick-and-mortar location? As a small business owner, this is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Establishing a permanent presence in the right place and at the right [...]

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6 Signs You're Ready to Open a Second Location

For owners of brick-and-mortar businesses, deciding when to open a second location is one of the most critical strategic questions that you’ll face: Open too soon and you risk overextending your resources. Wait too long and you could lose invaluable momentum and competitive advantages. How do you know when it’s time? We’ve put together this list of essential indicators to help you decide. You’re likely ready to open a second location when: 1. You have more [...]

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7 Questions to Ask Potential Small Business Lenders

When looking for financing, most small business owners know that lenders will ask a lot of questions about their businesses. What they may not consider, though, is that they should also be asking lenders questions. Ideally, a lender will be an advocate for you and your business. To ensure you make the best decision, you’ll want to interview them. The answers you get will make the most of your valuable time and will point you in the right direction for your funding needs. Key questions [...]

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Understanding Liens: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

If you’re a small business owner who is considering applying for a loan, there are many things that you can do in advance to prepare. Understanding common lender concerns is essential, and an important consideration for lenders are liens. We’ve compiled a brief look at liens, including what they are, where they come from and how they can impact your small business. What is a lien? In the broadest sense, a lien is a legal claim against a party or entity’s property or assets. [...]

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