Do I Qualify?

Many small businesses that have had difficulty borrowing from traditional banking sources have been funded through EGF. With flexible rates and terms, EGF makes it possible to secure the capital a small business owner needs in order to grow—fast. If you have break-even or positive cash flow and can demonstrate a history of paying your business obligations (including debts and taxes), you are a good candidate for an EGF loan.

Primary Criteria: EGF SmartLoan™ Automatic Approval

The following requirements are the primary criteria for automatic approval for the EGF SmartLoanTM, an online loan up to $100,000 that can be disbursed in 5 business days. We do approve loans for businesses that do not meet all or some of these requirements.

  • Two or more years in business
  • Two or more employees
  • Operating at break-even or positive cash flow
  • An average credit score of 640 or above
  • More than $120,000 in annual revenue

Apply now for a loan

If you do not currently have strong cash flow or need to strengthen your credit history, learn how our business advisory services can help you become loan-ready and meet your financing goals.