We’re Celebrating Our $25 Million Milestone in Community Lending

We’re pleased to announce that Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) recently topped $25 million in community business lending through our SmartLoan™ and ImpactLoan™ products. More than 300 business owners have received affordable and responsible capital through our rapid approval process, designed to streamline access to alternative capital when bank financing is not possible. This achievement has been fueled by explosive growth this fiscal year. Since October 1, 2017, EGF has provided [...]

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Ready to Refinance: A Closer Look at the EGF SmartLoan

For small businesses, unaffordable debt can be debilitating. At best, owners struggle with tight cash flow. At worst, they become trapped in a debt cycle that’s virtually impossible to break.  Because of this, nearly a quarter of small businesses that apply for funding today do so to refinance debt.* This debt is frequently incurred from credit cards, predatory online loans, or simply conventional loans at higher rates than the borrower would qualify for today. NYBDC has historically [...]

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Bank of America Launches $20 Million Lending Program for U.S. Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

Today, Bank of America announced a $20 million Veteran Entrepreneur Lending Program to connect U.S. military veteran business owners with affordable and responsible capital to help start and grow their businesses. Excelsior Growth Fund, along with four other Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) in seven U.S. states, will administer the loans and offer an interest rate reduction on loans for qualifying borrowers. Prior to receiving funding, borrowers will have the opportunity to [...]

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