24 Apr

The 'Personal' Matters in Small Business Lending

Trevor Dryer is Co-Founder and CEO of Mirador Financial, the partner organization that designed the EGFSmartLoan™. He was recently featured in Credit Union Times about the impact of technology on credit anaylsis. See below for the article. 

It's not hard to imagine this scenario: The owner of the restaurant from down the block applies for a loan. You like him. You like his business. Your gut says yes. Your credit analysis says no. You have to tell him sorry. He's forced to take his business elsewhere. You’ve lost a potential member.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time. With increased regulation and compliance costs, credit unions are having a hard time qualifying small business borrowers. We all know that the slowing flow of credit has become a major barrier to a robust economic recovery.

It's time for a change..

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