9 Nov

Top 5 Articles to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Top 5 Articles to Prepare for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and for many small businesses these busy months can be the most profitable time of the year.  In 2016 alone, the holiday season represented 28.6 percent of annual sales for some retailers. While the holidays represent enormous opportunity for businesses to boost their sales, they can also be stressful and demanding. Supporting your clients through this critical time period not only helps them succeed, it’s also a great way to solidify strong relationships with your clients.

We’ve compiled five articles to share with your clients to help them have a profitable holiday season and a prosperous new year.

The Best Sources of Working Capital for Your Small Business:

For many small business owners, preparing for the holiday season can be costly. Help your clients get the funding they need with this article that outlines four sources of working capital.

Small Business Loans: When to Apply and How to Prepare:

In order to maximize profits during the holiday season, many small business owners need working capital and the questions of when and how to apply for loans are two that many small business owners ask. In this article we’ve outline steps to help your clients prepare an application, so that they can increase their likelihood of approval and get the working capital boost they need for the holiday season.

How to Budget for New Employees in Five Simple Steps:

The holiday sales surge can be both profitable and time-consuming for small-business owners. For this reason, many businesses choose to take on additional employees during these busy months. However, hiring new employees  can be costly. To ensure that your clients make the most of this investment and the holiday season, we’re sharing our five budget friendly tips for hiring.

EGF’s Top Picks: Business Management Software:

Having the right financial management system is important at any point during the year, but it’s especially critical during the holidays. Financial management systems can help small business owners track holiday inventory, expenses, and profits. With so many financial management systems available, it can be hard for your clients to choose software that best meets their business needs. In this article, we’ve highlighted our top financial management systems that your clients can use to effectively run their business this holiday season.

Leveraging Social Media for Small Business Growth:

During this time of year, small business owners have many options when it comes to marketing their products and services. Each channel can reach a wide variety of audiences, but most come with a cost. For many small business owners, social media is an inexpensive but effective way of reaching customers. Christopher Villari a communications manager at Skanska, has outlined everything your client’s need to know to leverage social media for the holiday season.

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