24 Aug

Top 5 Articles to Share with Your Clients This Month

Top 5 Article to Share With Your Clients

At Excelsior Growth Fund, our mission goes beyond providing access to capital for small business owners. We also help business owners prepare for long-term success by providing them with the support they need to become eligible for traditional financing in the future. Through our one-on-one business advisory services and our vast array of financial education articles in our Business Resource Library, we help business owners improve their financials and operations for sustainable growth. When small businesses thrive, they create a ripple effect throughout the community, creating jobs and supporting further economic development.

As the summer season comes to a close, we’re sharing our top five articles for you to share with your clients to give them an end-of-season boost.

1. Common Lending Terminology to Understand Before Applying for a Loan

Applying for a small business loan is an important step for a business owner, and preparation is a key component to a successful loan application. In this article, we provide a list of common lending terminology for business owners to learn to better understand the loan process and their responsibilities as a borrower.

2. Cash Flow: What It Is and Why It Rules Small Business Lending

In order to secure financing, a small business owner needs to have strong cash flow.. Our experts provide a breakdown of the importance of cash flow in this article, and why it’s so important when applying for a business loan.

3. What Lenders Want to See in Your Business Plan

A business plan is essential when first starting a new company and it continues to be a vital resource even after the business is up and running. Business plans provide guidance for periods of growth and can help a business owner re-focus their efforts to better align with their mission. We’ve outlined some of the specifics that lenders will look for in a business plan to share with your clients as they prepare for financing.

4. 6 Business Issues to Overcome Before Submitting a Loan Applications

At EGF we’ve seen common issues in loan applications time and again and have helped numerous business owners overcome these issues to access the funding they need. In this article, we review the six most common issues we’ve seen in loan applications and provide solutions to help your clients better prepare for the process.

5. Managing Your Small Business Receivables and Payables

Managing payables and receivables are part of the day-to-day for every business owner, but the success of their venture depends on how well this is done. Alek Marfisi, owner of Upwind Strategies and a member of EGF’s Consulting Corps, shares his best advice on how to effectively manage small business receivables and payables so that your clients have an accurate picture of their current financial situation and a better idea of what’s on the horizon.

For more financial education articles to share with your clients, visit EGF’s Business Resource Library.