Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Denmar Consulting LLC - Suffern, NY

Denmar Consulting LLC - Suffern, NY

It takes a lot of hustle and determination to start your own business. This is exactly what Denise Marcelin Pringle proved throughout the past few years while she’s been building her business from the ground up.

In 2009, Denise and her entire department were laid-off from their jobs. Looking to generate money for her family, she started to actively pursue freelance work. Then, she received the opportunity to contract in the finance industry. Denise began full-time freelancing for a new company as a project management consultant, but she couldn’t shake the idea of wanting her own business. So, she took the leap and decided to form Denmar Consulting LLC. 

An obstacle Denise faced at the start of her business was looking to expand while currently contracted. As an independent consultant you’re the one who manages the contracts so if you’re looking to expand and bring on new clients, you need to provide the resources to do the work. This is where Excelsior Growth Fund played an important role in the growth of Denmar Consulting LLC.

Denise was referred to Excelsior Growth Fund by her CPA, and she quickly found the assistance she needed to help her business prosper. EGF provided Denise with a SmartLoan for $30,000 that increased her monthly cash flow to reinvest in the company. In addition to her loan she also received business advisory services and is going to receive free third party consulting services to rebrand her business. Also, with encouragement from her EGF advisor, Denise enrolled in a 60 hour entrepreneurial program through the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) where, in order to further advance her business, she learned the ins and outs of writing a business plan.

 “My EGF contact, Carol O'Connell, was incredibly helpful and I am forever grateful for our meeting last November to sign the paperwork on my business loan. We had a fantastic conversation about what EGF offers and the importance of connecting small business owners with resources,” says Denise

Denise plans to keep expanding Denmar Consulting LLC by bringing on another client or two, continuing to build her brand in order to better market and develop her business plan. We look forward to seeing the continuous growth of Denise and Denmar Consulting LLC in the future.